So Much Conflicting Advice…

I read many, many health and diet newsletters. I get e-diets, Third Age, Weight Watchers, etc. etc. I found it rather ironic this morning that I am  reading about how to break emotional eating, you know, where you eat whether you’re sad, or happy, or whatever emotion you happen to be feeling at the time. I look around at the other titles of articles included in the same newsletter, and there on the bottom is an article titled ’15 Foods To Eat To Beat The Blues’. Wouldn’t a better article to go with ‘breaking emotional eating’ be maybe ‘5 Fun Exercises You Can Do To Take Your Mind Off Eating’ or ‘ If You’re Eating Because You’re Depressed,  Raise Those Endorphins Thru Exercise’? It’s no wonder we’re so confused on what is the right thing to do for our health! And can’t mental health and physical health go hand in hand? It’s like I’ve always said, ‘If you ask 5 different doctors the same question, you’ll get 5 different answers’. So, I guess the moral of the story is to be conciously aware of the choices we make and to a certain extent, good old fashioned common sense!

Now for the diet part of this ‘show’. LOL.  I haven’t really been out of the house much in ages, so why is it that the minute I decide I’m going to do something about my weight, I get invited to every birthday dinner party on the planet? (I know that’s an exageration, but it feels like that). My own family is no exception. My son’s birthday was Aug. 30th. Had I decided to start a diet then? No. Could anyone get away from their work schedules then to go to dinner? No, including my son. So tonite my odest daughter is coming up from Paso Robles and we are all going to dinner. We are going to Sizzler, where I can at least behave myself, but that is not to say there aren’t temptations. And normally, the ice cream birthday cake that I bought for my son wouldn’t even appeal to me, but since I’m watching what I eat, everything sweet and fattening looks extra yummy. I have decided to look up Sizzler online and get a pretty good idea of what choices I have before I get there. That should make ordering a lot easier. Second, Nob Hill has Weight Watchers desserts on sale 4 for $7 and they are 3pts. so I will opt for one of those while everyone else eats cake from Baskin Robbins. (7pts. just for the Cookies-n-Creme Ice Cream without the cake).  At least I know about it enough in advance to watch my points thru out the day to plan for tonite. Whether you’re counting calories, carbs, fat, or exchanges, planning in advance really should give us an advantage. I’ll let you know tomorrow!


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  1. Lauri – I totally agree with you. As unfun as it is, I really think knowing and planning what you are going to eat in advance is one of the keys to weight loss and especially maintenance.

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