I Am Pretty Excited Today

I got up today, had a cup of coffee, and weighed myself. I lost 3lbs! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been at this game enough times that I know 1) the heavier you are, the easier it is to lose 2) the first 5 to 10lbs. is just water weight. But I don’t care! I also know, at least with women, that water weight is fickle and something as uncontrollable as a hot day could make me retain 3lbs.  That’s okay. For today I will take it as an encouragement to eat the right things again.  For a change the scale headed down instead of up!


One Response

  1. Yaayyy! What a way to start out the week! I say pat yourself on the back, you followed the plan and the results show! Keep it up and you’ll be hitting your goal before Valentines day!

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