Getting Down To Weight Loss Business…

I’m running a little later than usual this am. I got stuck in the Weight Watchers message boards.

I had quite a phone conversation with my oldest daughter last nite. She, like me, was very successful on WW also, when we used to go together. Then slowly, she began to just go to weigh in and skip the meetings until she didn’t go any more at all.  I just flat quit going. So here we are, starting over.

I want to reiterate, this is NOT an endorsement for Weight Watchers. In fact, on my website  (shameless plug) I actually sell a weightloss system, (which is excellent, by the way) and on my ‘books’ page, I sell an e-book, ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots’. I believe everybody has to find their own way. For me, it just happens to be WW. So please, we’re all in this boat together. If you’re doing something different, share.

I, today,  started out with my usual pot of coffee. (It takes a lot to motivate me to move. LOL) Because I am postmenepausal, my breakfast is a cup of the light Dannon yogurt with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil (I can’t stand fish oil) and a tablespoon of golden, ground flaxseed. For me, this has totally stopped my hotflashes, etc. Because I smoke and am too old, HRT was never an option. Of course, now that they have come out with all the warnings on how bad HRT is, I guess I was lucky.

I’ve already been on the scale (damn it) so that ‘to do’ is already done. My plan for today is to keep journaling everything I eat and take my measurements. This is one little trick I learned from my years of dieting. Sometimes we lose inches when we aren’t neccessarily losing weight. This is a great motivation tool if it’s getting hard to stick to your plan. Until tomorrow, remember to take it just ‘one day at a time’. More just gets too overwhelming!


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