I Have To Confess…

I ended up eating more of the Tortellini Alfredo (trying to finish it off, but I just couldn’t eat that much) and more of the Cheesecake. My first excuse was ‘I’ll eat it early, then I have all day to work it off.’ That’s my usual excuse for being self-indulgent. Obviously there’s a flaw in that thinking, or I eat the wrong stuff too late, or I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. (fat)

Then, the next thing I thought about was I could lie about eating it. I thought ‘I don’t have to admit it. Who will know?’ Well, My Dears, I would know. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t always make the right choices about doing the ‘right’ thing, but the whole idea of this blog is to help me face facts and be accountable. It won’t help me, or anyone who joins me, if I cheat. I can hear one of my gradeschool teachers in my head ‘Well, you’re only cheating yourself’.

I did get my hour of housecleaning (exercise) in yesterday. Trust me, if you could see my house you would know that that was like an all over the body workout. I was reaching up, down, everywhere for spiderwebs and then I raked the dog hair up off the carpet. Now, I do understand, if you work outside the home, the last thing you want to do is clean house for an hour after working all day, but there are ways for you to exercise too.  With it being summer and light out longer in the evening, I might choose gardening or something like that if I didn’t have my house to do. When my oldest daughter lived at home, we used to get up early and walk before getting ready for work. I hate exercise, but if you have a buddy to walk with, or you find a chore you like, that definately helps you stick to it. Dancing, anything that gets you moving. Sitting at a desk job all day isn’t doing you anymore good than me sitting on my butt here in front of the computer!

So, all my cravings have been fed and today’s the day. I have already visited the ‘big bad scale’ and now it’s time to behave myself. One of the things that truly has helped me in the past, which I will start again today, is writing everything down that I put in my mouth. For me there’s actually something about having to write it down that actually does make me think twice about what I am about to eat. But here again, it only works if you don’t cheat (I say as I remind myself).

Here’s to Valentine’s Day (see yesterday’s blog on how I set my goal date).


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