I Should Have Known These Things

Yesterday I went and did exactly what I said I was going to do. I went and bought all the stuff for Tortellini Alfredo, (which I had with Crab) and I bought one of those fairly small Cheesecakes. (Chocolate swirl with chocolate cookie crust) in preparation of my new way of life.

Where I screwed up was, I bought more than could be finished yesterday.  So now I have a choice to make. What I should do is offer what’s left to my kids and mother to get rid of it, or throw it all out, or eat it myself and postpone everything until it’s gone.

I was reading a newsletter this morning that I get in my email. It had an article  in it about setting actual goals. Now I’m old enough, I know all about this. Am  I good at doing it? Not really, but today I am going to set them in stone. I am hoping this will help me make the right decision above.

#1) Long-Term: My goal is to lose 48lbs. (It would have only been 46 yesterday)LOL. I weigh as much as I did when I was 8mos. pregnant with my last child. I need to be determined! At the min. average weightloss of 2lbs. per week (because they say faster than that is unhealthy) it will take me 24 weeks. That takes me to Feb. 19th, 2008.  Oh goody. I only have to go thru Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. What a great time to decide to diet! I’m actually going to move the date up by 5 days and make it Valentine’s Day as my D-Day, since they’re so close. (I also may be on pure water that last week to get rid of those last few pounds early. Just kidding). But, listen to this. When we get that first hotspell for that week like we usually do every year, I’ll be able to wear my tank top and shorts! My second benefit to losing. My first is I will be able to get back into my clothes.

#2) Long-Term Goal: To get in the habit of some kind of exercise everyday, be it walking, playing basketball or something with my son, or for now, it will be cleaning house.  Yes, my house is a pigsty. When I was away at work all of the time, things got a little out of control. Things like dust, cobwebs, etc. I am going to start out taking my hour for exercise and use it for vacumming, etc. That way, I exercise all parts of my body, (vacumming ceilings isn’t easy) and I’ll accomplish a second project at the same time! I do need to get in some walking, so maybe I’ll split my time between the two.

Now, my goals for today:

1) Get a sheet off the internet or one  of my programs that has the day split up into 1 hour intervals. (I chose an hour because I can) For those of you who work outside the house, you may need to choose smaller incriments of time. I am going to fill in those hours alotting 1 hour each for each of my projects. One of those hours will be exercise. If I put it at a certain time, then maybe, I will actually do it!

2) Set an alarm to go off every hour. I need something simple or I won’t do it, so I am going to use the little timer that sits by my stove. I’ll just move it to my desk. No one uses it in the kitchen anyway. Those more adept can use the alarm on your cell, computer, etc.

3) Go back to drinking more water. For me this works in two ways. It does seem to help flush the body, and then with this hot weather, I don’t want to dehydrate or hold water. I find myself sleepy when I get dehydrated and I don’t have time for that!

That’s enough for today. I’m wearing out my brain! I don’t know yet what I’ll do with the leftovers from yesterday. I’ll have to tell you tomorrow. I’ll probably go back and look at the #1 goal a few more times! LOL


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