Just Had To Add This!

I know I just added my first post, but I had a little more to say. I don’t know, maybe this is like the alcoholic who visits several meetings a day when he first quits drinking.

I smoke, I drink, I have all the bad habits, and I am Obese! There, I said it. I’m not just “chunky” anymore.  I ‘live to eat’ instead of ‘eat to live’, as the father of my oldest daughter used to say. Being this heavy again just exacerbates the effects on my health that my other bad habits cause. I am like a million+ other Americans who don’t currently have health insurance, so it’s even more important for me to stay healthy. Oh, and that thing about throwing all your fat clothes away so you won’t gain weight again, that didn’t work for me. I’m lucky I saved a few, or I’d be running around fat and NAKED!


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